Affordable Elegance 

String Ensembles

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • * How much is the deposit? A non-refundable deposit of $75 + taxes is necessary for all booked performances.
  • * How can I reserve my wedding date? Contact us immediately to reserve a date. A contract is mailed and ONLY upon receipt of a    signed copy and deposit, has the date been booked.
  • * What if my wedding ceremony is only 20 minutes long, can I use the rest of the “up to an hour” for the reception?    No. We price services by an “event”. A wedding ceremony and a reception are separate “events”
  • * Can I request music that is not in your repertoire? Yes. If your requested musical selection is not among our standard repertoire, we can arrange your piece for a nominal fee of $75 per piece. (Subject to the group’s professional discretion.) We would need your chosen piece no less than 6 weeks prior to the scheduled performance. If less than 6 weeks, the price per piece is $125. If within 2      weeks of the scheduled performance, the price is $200 per piece. Because of the time it takes to arrange specially requested music,        
  •    requests will not be accepted within the last 1 week of the contracted event.
  • * My wedding is not on a Saturday. In fact, my wedding is on Thursday. Could I have a discount?                                We do not discount services.
  • * How can I reserve my wedding date? Contact us immediately to reserve a date. A contract is mailed or sent electronically and ONLY upon receipt of a signed copy and deposit, has the date been booked.
  • *What about dress rehearsal and other rehearsals? A representative can be requested, schedules permitting, for no more than one (1) hour at the dress rehearsal, for a charge of $100. Transportation fees will be implemented for each trip outside the metropolitan area. If any additional time with the representative is needed outside of the allotted one hour for the dress rehearsal, overtime charges will be implemented. Rehearsals other than the dress rehearsal (ex. rehearsal with a singer or other musician) will result in a $225 charge per 60-minute increment needed.
  • * My event is not in Maine.Do you travel out-of-state? Yes. Our standard transportation rates apply (see below).
  • * What setup does the String Ensemble require?  1-4 armless chairs and adequate lighting must be provided at the performance location. 
  • * My event is outdoors. Is that a problem? Outdoor events require adequate shading from the sun and full protection from the rain. The ensembles can not perform in temperatures below 60 degrees.
  • * What are the travel fees? A transportation fee of $0.56/mile (2021 standard mileage rate) will be charged to and from events outside the Portland metropolitan area, multiplied by the number of musicians needed for the event.*  (*Calculation uses Google Maps.) 
  • * What if my event is on an island?  For events on islands, the client will pay in advance (included in estimate/invoice) for a ferry ticket (approx. $7.50) for each ensemble member and $15 per person for garage parking in order to catch the ferry. At the end of the event, the next ferry or taxi must leave within an hour (60 minutes) of the end time of the trio’s performance, or a sitting fee will start to accrue.